Capture their imagination - and hearts - with video

You have a great story to share.  

At 3 Creative, we can help you connect with your key constituents with compelling video productions.  Videos tap into that critical emotional connection you need to motivate customers, clients, volunteers, donors, and community leaders to take the actions that will help you and your organization achieve your goals.

With a combination of short video clips, still photography, and graphics, 3 Creative will help you craft a concise video that will have a huge impact on your success.  Video allows you to highlight your services, products, clients, and/or operations easily and powerfully.

Best of all, 3 Creative can provide your video without breaking your budget. 

Videos allow you to perfectly tailor your message.  And with proper planning - video can have multiple applications:  web introductions, customer education, volunteer training, donor presentations, fund raising events, and much more.  You can be confident that you are putting your best foot forward - every single time. 

Watch sample videos from 3 Creative...

It doesn't have to be difficult.  Let's get started today.